The Longest Swim

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The Longest Swim, An Expedition Across The Pacific Ocean

The Longest Swim is a world record attempt and citizen science expedition across the Pacific Ocean. In Spring 2018, Ben Lecomte (the first man to swim the Atlantic Ocean in 1998) will start swimming from Tokyo, Japan across the north Pacific Ocean following the currents in the direction of San Francisco, USA. Ben will be swimming in the name of research and sustainability, working with 12 Scientific institutes on 8 different research programs. Conducting research for plastic pollution to space exploration, the swim will be a unique chance to collect data and learn more about the Oceans and the human body in extreme conditions.

Swimming 8 hours a day, it is estimated to take 6 months for Ben to swim the 5,500 miles necessary to cross the Pacific Ocean. At the end of each days swim Ben’s position will be marked with GPS so he can return to the same location the following day to ensure he swims every mile. He will have a support crew of volunteers on board the support vessel “Discoverer” which will coordinate the swim, scientific research and keep Ben safe and healthy throughout the expedition.

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Lost Aussie and The Longest Swim

I had just made it to London after more then two years of traveling without flying during my No Air To Everywhere journey and had begun looking for a boat to hitch a ride on to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It was at this point that I found The Longest Swim.

Their support boat for the expedition that they had just recently purchased was still in the UK and they were looking for crew to help deliver it to the USA. The catch was they didn’t want just delivery crew to get the boat to the US, they only wanted people who were also potentially interested in being a part of the whole expedition.

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This opportunity was way too good to not have a crack at being a part of it and somehow I managed to impress them with what I had already achieved (Aus to london without flying) and despite my relatively new experience with sailing they agreed to have me join the project. That’s when I became Scotty’s ‘number one passenger’ sailing out of the UK the day after Christmas in 2016.

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I helped sail Discoverer to the United States of America and the projects new home at Altasea in the port of Los Angeles, California. Currently I am here still helping with the project, preparing the boat for a refit and then sail towards Tokyo end of 2017/early 2018. For a launch of the swim in spring 2018.

To learn more about the project you can visit The Longest Swim website and follow their social media accounts.

I will be sharing more of the ‘behind the scenes’ content and my personal experiences while a part of the project here on Lost Aussies. If you want to read those stories you can do so by clicking here.