VIDEO: Sailing to Cape York – northernmost point of Australia

Footage of the sailing trip I made in 2014 to the northernmost point of Australia – Cape York. This was my first ever sailing trip, it was also the trip that turned my whole adventure into mostly a solo effort. Shortly after reaching Cape York my travel buddy, Luke, left me unexpectedly, getting the boot from the yacht due to some unresolvable issues with the skipper. It was a massive shame to have him go, I enjoyed the banter with the big fella. This video is both a sailing video about getting to Cape York and a bit of an ode to the other Lost Aussie original, Luke.

Sailing to the Northernmost Point of Australia – Cape York

Read the story about Luke getting the boot from the boat here.

Or if you want to know the whole story including the lead up to the fiery exit, click here.

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