VIDEO: Sailing across the Top End of Australia

After crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria, it took us another 3 weeks of sailing across the top end to finally make it to Darwin in the Northern Territory. Not a lot happened in that 3 weeks in regards to on shore exploration but I quickly developed the sailing skills. Every day there was new conditions and everyday there was some new drama, a great way to gain the much needed experience to sail out of Australia and through Indonesia…

3 Weeks of Sailing Across the Top End of Australia to Darwin

This was the last video I made of my Pre-Trip Trip, a kind of 6 week crash course in sailing where I crewed on a boat sailing from Port Douglas in Queensland to Darwin in the NT. It was my first time ever sailing and an awesome experience and milestone achievement. It wasn’t without drama though, this one 6 week trip single handedly changed this whole website and whole journey. From a two man around the world trip to mostly just me…

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