Why overland travel is the best

Although there is something exciting about boarding a plane, watching hours worth of free movies, having a terrible upright sleep and waking up a few hours later in a completely foreign country, ditching air travel altogether opens up so many more opportunities.

A few years ago now my boyfriend, Tyral, told me of his dream to travel the world without flying. At first I was a little confused and to be honest was completely against the idea because it meant him leaving me in little old Adelaide while he travelled the world. After a lot of hard work and flying all over Australia for farming jobs, he had saved enough money to start off on a yacht out of Australia and across land through the world.

My first point I visited him was in Thailand where we took a different approach to the popular holiday destination and hitch hiked our way through the beautiful country and into Laos. About six months later I packed my bags and embarked on my own adventure; studying in Copenhagen for six months. After this incredible experience I stayed in Europe for another six months, and me and Tyral went on an overland adventure of our own.

overland travel stockholm sweden
Frozen Stockholm, Sweden

Together we headed through Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, the country that’s not a country Transnistria, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and France (exhausted “phuew”). Having joined Tyral it meant that I had to give up airplanes and instead endure long hours of buses but mostly hitch hiking. Although when I first met up with Tyral in Thailand I wasn’t overly optimistic about hitch hiking, after a few days and a crazy adventure it had completely won me over.

When planning our trip through Europe for six months we had pretty different ideas on what we wanted at first. I have always had countries in Europe I’ve longed to go to, mostly because they appear in romantic comedies and are included in contiki tours so I’ve heard about them from friends and Facebook. Other European countries I know absolutely nothing about, countries like Albania, Montenegro, Belarus and Bulgaria just to name a few. Tyral on the other hand, was drawn to these countries. He had little desires to visit the Eiffel Tower, The Colosseum or other popular European hotspots. He’s always drawn to the weird and different, a place that he’s never heard of soon becomes his obsession if he’s told to avoid it. This made our first sit down and planning of our trip difficult.

overland travel montenegro
Looking over the bay of Kotor, Montenegro

It wasn’t until I visited these ‘hotspots’ that I soon began to realise that I wasn’t fazed in them either. The places that I knew so little about were the ones that drew me in, and become my favourite memories of our trip.  I would never have thought to visit Romania and Bulgaria if it wasn’t located between Ukraine and Turkey, and the moment we entered these countries I regretted the short amount of time we aligated to them and now long to go back to.

overland travel romania bucharest
Parliament building in Bucharest, Romania

Our hitch hiking experience in Europe was incredible, and some of the best memories of my year away. We hitch hiked in the snow, across the Arctic circle, in negative temperatures, in countries that spoke no English, with crazy drunk Bulgarians and over border crossings. Cutting out air travel took us to many small towns, made us interact with more locals who never saw tourists and have more authentic experiences unique to each country. At some points we were the first Australians that people had ever met, and they would cross the road to come introduce themselves to us. This was such a vast contrast to being in popular tourist spots, where it just felt like the locals are always trying to get money out of you.

overland travel turkey bulgaria border
Road side lunch after walking across the Bulgarian and Turkey Border

Although at some points I secretly thought ‘why don’t we just get on a fucking plane…’ It’s been worth it as a whole. Land travel has opened up a completely different experience travelling than I have had before. It’s helped me discover some of my favourite places and get a better understanding of countries that you miss out when jumping from capital city to capital city. It meant we took our time slowly creeping down the east of Europe, and saw the same number of countries in six months some people see in one. Now I feel like I have a greater understanding on almost every country I was able to visit.

As well as opening up new experiences we saved bucket loads of money from eliminating planes. Through hitch hiking as our main source of transport we would have saved who knows how much, and got to interact with more locals, even being invited into their homes. It meant when we passed through a small town, if we liked the look of it we could simply get out the car and stay.

overland travel albania beach
Empty beaches, Albania

I’m now sadly sitting back in my own bed, in my own room in my own country and reflecting back on my year away. Looking back on my trip I can honestly say the best places I visited were the smaller unpopular tourist spots, and I can happily thank Tyral for it. Well done kido.



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