Organised Luck

So I’m not the most highly organised person out there, in fact everything I do tends to be kind of just ’winging it’ and left to the last moment. [Edit: Just like this blog post, already well behind in the story and I leave tomorrow. Useless. ]. And I’ve come to realise Luke is much the same, probably worse than me to be honest. These really are not good traits when you’re planning a big trip like this one. We always hoped to start the trip on a Yacht, with a departure date early 2014, the romantic idea of sailing out of Australia was enticing. We had heard in our travels of backpackers crewing on boats and doing something similar. So we knew from the always reliable second-hand knowledge, it was possible. But it was probably going to take some time and effort to find. OK, we can do this, we will be motivated and proactive from the beginning…

So we posted an Ad on gumtree. Then we forgot about it.

Weeks went by. Then months. And nothing happened. We worked and saved our money but made little to no attempt at planning anything. Soon a whole year had passed and we were no closer to finding a lift. Shit. So much for being organised and proactive.

It wasn’t until early January 2014 that it dawned on me, we still had no bloody idea how we were getting out of the country and we were hoping to leave in the coming months. Luke was getting real itchy feet and starting to talk about reluctantly giving in and flying if we couldn’t find anything come March/April. Shit, I didn’t want that, I really wanted some sort of sailing adventure to kick-start our trip. Plus I had opened my big mouth to too many people about it and I’d look like a dick now if I ended up flying. Time to pull the finger out.

Luke combed the internet for every email address of every Yacht club in Australia he could find. And there was a shit load of them. I then spent a few days emailing them all, even the yacht club in Canberra (pretty pointless, I know) telling them what we hoped to achieve, asking for advice and if they knew anyone who could possibly help us etc. I even attached a lame flyer and asked if they could put it up. Some people responded with counterproductive information and suggested we join a sailing club to learn how to sail first (pfft, that would be the smart mans approach, we wanted to learn on the job). Most didn’t even bother with a reply.

I then turned my focus on the website Just like the name suggests, it’s a site designed to connect people ‘wanting to crew’ with boats ‘looking for crew’. For a fee. Everything is for a bloody fee these days. Every day I would check the site, and everyday I would spam whatever boats were registered in any port of Australia. Slightly tailoring every email so it read as an individual heart-felt plea to each skipper. We were relying solely on luck. Slightly organised luck, organised in the sense my spamming emails were relentless and categoric, so eventually luck would have to intervene and they would reach the inbox of someone actually persuaded by our story and interested in helping us. Surely, there was someone out there that wanted two inexperienced hopeless blokes with hardly even an idea about sailing between them, to come and ‘crew’ (whatever that means) on their expensive yacht (hopefully for free) and take us out of the country only to have us then ditch them before the return trip… We weren’t asking for much.

If you want to read about the first Yacht that a bit of “organised luck” finally found me, Click Here

Do you want to know how I ended up finding that first yacht and what steps to take for yourself??? …Well honestly I haven’t written that post yet. Sorry, too bad. But you can message me or post a comment below and I’ll happily share some advice on more specifics. Once I get around to writing that post I’ll update this here…

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