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travelling without flying no planes travel airplanes no air to everywhere[last updated: 08/05/2017]

Currently: San Diego, USA – Working on “The Longest Swim”

Rough Statistics:

Event occurred 1155 days ago

Kms travelled: +78,000

Nautical miles sailed [Including the learning to sail pre-trip]: ~15,000



australia to america without flying map no


This is a break down of the various parts of my trip so far, you can use it kind of like an index to the stories and videos which are on this website (or are yet to come in a lot of cases – writing and editing takes time, time as an unemployed bum I never seem to have).

First Leg: Sail Indonesia Rally

For 3 months I crewed on a yacht and sailed as a part of the Sail Indonesia Rally throughout Indonesia all the way to Malaysia. It was an absolute amazing way to kick start my journey. Meeting so many amazingly friendly people and witnessing some unbelievably unique festivals. Including Indo’s biggest ever (most probably) dance performance that nobody even knew about it.


Favourite Stories:
  • The beginning – Sailing from Australia to Indo
  • Random festivals of the Wakatobi Islands
  • Dancing with 20,000 school children
  • Season 1 of No Air To Everywhere – YouTube Series
  • Indonesia Highlight Video
  • Bali Highlight Video
  • Visiting the Orang-utans


Second Leg: Sail Malaysia Rally

After Indonesia I jumped onto another Yacht and joined the Malaysian Rally. Although it was impossible to compete with the festivities of the Indonesian Rally it was still a pretty awesome time. Around two months sailing (well mostly motoring) up the west coast dodging fishing boats and fish traps. I spent Christmas on the beautiful islands of Langkawi where already cheap beer is even cheaper due to being tax free.

sailing malaysia rally under bridge yacht adventure


Favourite Stories:
  • Crossing the Singapore Strait dodging Frighters
  • Living for free in the Resort of Putrei Harbour
  • Making fires on random islands
  • Malaysia Highlight Video



Third Leg: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia

After a small sail to Phuket on my third yacht, I began to travel overland from here all the way to Europe. I was joined by Hannah for about 5 weeks and together we bused/trained and hitchhiked from Phuket, Thailand to Vientiane in Laos. Hannah returned home to Australia and my mum then joined me for 3 weeks. We hired scooters for some of it, and then travelled to Phnom Penh in Cambodia together.

thailand hichhiking back tray lost aussies

Favourite Stories:
  • 10 Day Silent Retreat for New Years
  • Searching for Invaders in Bangkok
  • Hitchhiking to Chang Mai
  • Hitchhiking the worst roads ever in Laos
  • Tubing in Laos with Kathy Dal
  • Riding Scooters for 4 days with Kathy Dal in Laos
  • Almost getting done by some hardcore scammers in Cambodia
  • Highlight videos
  • Kathy Dal in Laos – mini Series


Fourth Leg: Vietnam by Motorbike

This still is one of my favourite legs of the trip, I was joined by a few different friends at various stages. First exploring the Mekong delta on scooters for a couple weeks with old mates from University. Then after they left I bought a shitty (but good) knock off Honda Motorbike and rode south to north over another 6 week period. With a mate from back home and a legend from New Zealand. Many banh mi buns were eaten even more Vietnamese coffee and rice wine consumed. Great memories.

vietnam motorbikes travel adventure

Favourite Memories:
  • ‘Enslaving’ a bike taxi to ride me 270km to HCM
  • Discovering the pure randomness and emptyness of Phu Quoc island
  • Almost riding into cambodia and getting told off by some border police
  • Karaoke night with locals and getting drunk in villages
  • Camping a night in a villages home after getting stuck in the rain
  • ANZAC weekend, messy celebration with friends from Aus in Hoi Ann
  • Riding the remote Ho chi Minh Trail:
  • Drinking and eating on a random fishing boat in Halong Bay
  • Being found passed out in a toilet after a night on snake blood wine



Fifth Leg: China

Since before my trip began I had been looking forward to visiting China. To experience all the weirdness and craziness. It didn’t disappoint, joined with a good mate from Broome, Australia and occasionally crossing paths with another mate and his girlfriend we seen some awesome sights and had some random experiences. My only regret is not staying longer, China would be one of the first countries I would go back to. For one month we mostly trained our way around the massive country, hitchhiking one small section which was a pretty interesting experience.

china mt hua tree mountains lost aussies

Favourite Memories:

  • Rice terraces in …
  • Getting drunk on wine in the Opera
  • Hitchhiking the edge of Tibet
  • Watching Saundo pay guitar on an open mike night in a Tibetan bar
  • Mt hua and the “worlds most deadliest hike” (massive lie, great time though)
  • Sneaking into a Business Wine convention in Beijing and getting free wines all day
  • Visiting the Great wall
  • Visiting Ordas the world largest Ghost City




Sixth Leg: The Trans-Mongolian Railway: Mongolia and Russia

After China we crossed the craziest border I’ve ever crossed and headed into Mongolia. We spent majority of the time getting drunk on vodka while waiting for a our Russian Visas. We explored a little bit of the barren countryside of Mongolia before Steph left us (Tim’s girlfriend). With our Russian Visas we trained it to Moscow, five days on the train without leaving except for 10-20mins occasionally at random stops. The trick was to get off and back on before getting left behind…

MONGLIA tour outback beers lost aussies

Favourite Memories:
  • Reckless nights in Ulaanbaatar, Espresso Martinis and strippers
  • Riding horses across the Mongolian steep
  • Drunk nights, spiderkid and a can of spam on the Train to Moscow
  • Jamming with Russian Bernard Fanning in a dive bar in Moscow
  • Going ‘roofing’ with a couple in St. Petersburg




Seventh Leg : Europe – 2015

I ended up getting stuck in Europe for a pretty long time, over 12 months actually (I’m still bloody here). With so much history and so many countries there was a lot to see. I kind of group it all into four different legs. At the beginning I played tourist a fair bit, slowly moving my way around seeing  what there was to see. This was when I still had some money and was too lazy to start really hitchhiking, so I mainly caught buses and enjoyed the comforts of being in Western Civilisation again…

The Baltics, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia

Arriving from Russia into Estonia with two of my great friends was cause for a few big nights of celebration. I had made it all the way to Europe without ever flying. After a few boozing nights of celebration we started to go different ways, I travelled down to Poland where I meet up with Hannah again, together we spent a month exploring Poland. I celebrated being 12months away, finishing in Prague together where Hannah then flew on to Denmark to begin her university exchange program. I headed towards Croatia to save days on my Schengen Visa. I spent my second birthday away (28) with Saundo and his Girlfriend. Then bused it to Bosnia for awhile before coming back to Croatia.

poland zakopane traveling without flying

Favourite memories:
  • Deja Vu in Tallinn, drinking bulk Espresso Martinis
  • Road tripping to the beach with some locals with met in Tallinn
  • Working on a farm in Estonia
  • Climbing mountains in Zakopane, Poland with Hannah
  • Exploring abandoned buildings in Bosnia
  • Hitchhiking around Pula, Croatia




Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Briefly visited Slovenia and Austria. Then went to Germany where I spent a fair bit of my time, breaking it up with 3 weeks in Switzerland catching up with a German mate living there for University. I was starting to notice the funds slipping away quick at this point and also beginning to really feel a bit of a nomadic burnout. For this reason, I spent a lot of my time taking it relatively slow – extra slow for me. I feel in love with the city of Berlin and Germany in general.

switzerland lost aussies adventure fishing autumn travel

Favourite Memories:
  • Watching a theatre production spoken all in German in Vienna, Austria
  • Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
  • Huge weekend in Berlin, getting denied from Berghain – twice. Fuckers
  • Climbing a 3km high mountain in Switzerland
  • Catching my first European fish in Switzerland (pretty sure it was out of season – whoopsy)
  • Spending two weeks with a lovely family in East Berlin
  • Exploring some abandoned buildings in Berlin, accidentally stumbling onto a gay meet up – it was a mistake, honest.
  • First European snow in Berlin



8th Leg: Europe – 2016

Denmark, Sweden and Finland

In December (2015) for winter, I travelled to Denmark where I stayed for around 2 months, joining Hannah while she completed her exchange program. We rented a small flat in Copenhagen and I unpacked my bag for the first time in 18 months. It felt so bloody good. We celebrated Christmas together and New years, however we never got the white Christmas we hoped for – just a really good one – so in the beginning of February 2016 we travelled north into the thick of it. Chasing snow and the Northern Lights. This was the beginning of a much more adventurous time in Europe.

finland snowman snowbear lost aussies snow laplands

Favourite Memories:
  • Having my own place for the first time in forever, learning what netflix and chill finally was
  • Having a childhood friend visit for a week, together discovering frozen ponds and lakes – wow. For a couple of dumb Aussies who grew up in the dust bowl of rural Australia we were like a couple of school kids enjoying this.
  • Hitchhiking across the Arctic Circle in Finland in over a metre of snow
  • Building the best snow man ever
  • Skiing on Finnish slopes
  • Watching my first hockey game in Helsinki



Hitchhiking Eastern Europe – Estonia all the way to Turkey

Together with Hannah we hitchhiked all the way from Tallinn, Estonia to Istanbul in Turkey. It was the end of winter and beginning of spring, we seen the country change from snow covered fields, to slushy brown landscapes and finally into bright lush green paddocks. We travelled through Belarus – dubbed as Europe’s last dictatorship, into war torn Ukraine, through Moldova (and the fake country – Transnistria), Romania, Bulgaria and finally finishing in Turkey. When the weather warmed we bought a tent and the true random adventures started to really begin.

Bulgaria Belarus hitchhike hitchhiking snow traveling without flying spring

Favourite Memories:
  • Revisiting the Farm in Estonia, learning how Estonians ski – absolute pisser
  • Crossing the border of Latvia and Belarus without any Schengen Stamp
  • Visiting a random Town and Hotel, making friends with the young owner and having the best time
  • Going to the Belarus underground free theatre
  • Almost getting deported, narrowly escaping with a fine with the help of our awesome Couch Surfing Hosts
  • Walking across the Ukraine/Belarus border
  • Climbing a mountain in Ukraine’s Carpathians Mountain Range
  • Visiting Chernobyl
  • Exploring the abandoned catacombs of Odessa
  • Hitching into Transnistria, the fake country and having to Bribe our way out
  • Chased out of an abandoned Building in Moldova by the Police
  • Camping at the Abandoned Communist Building in Bulgaria – BUZLUDZHA
  • Hitchhiking with a drunk Bulgarian at night thinking it might be the end of Lost Aussies
  • Making it to Istanbul, 3,500km from Estonia all by hitchhiking






Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montengro, Croatia

After hitchhiking all up around 4000km since we left Denmark, we felt we deserved a break, and caught a bus out to central Turkey to explore a bit of Cappadoca. Then hoping to catch Greek Easter celebrations we bused it back to Izmir and ferried over to the Island of Chios. Easter turned out to be a big disappointment when the rocket festival was canceled for the first time ever. Luckily we caught a gypsy festival back in Turkey instead. We hitchhiked a bit again from Pamukkale to Oludeniz on the coast. Then headed to Greece. Exploring a few islands before hitting the mainland again. Then hitchhiking all the way to Dubrovnik in Croatia another …. km.

turkey greece lost aussies travelling the world without flying milos capadocia


Favourite Memories:
  • Hot Air Balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Wild Camping in Cappadocia, Turkey and waking up to the Balloons
  • Celebrating a the coming of spring with gypsies in Izmir, Turkey
  • Camping a week on the tourist beach of Oudenzi, Turkey
  • Paragliding in Oudenzi
  • Getting spooked by a ‘bear’ on our last night wild camping in Turkey
  • Sleeping under the stairs in a field (much to Hannahs dissappointment) on the romantic Island of santorini, Greece
  • Exploring Milos Island, Greece on a motorbike and camping on the beach for two nights
  • Hannah shitting herself at the sight of a snake in Meteora, Greece
  • Exploring the forgotten south coast of Albania
  • Wild camping on a nude beach in Montenegro
  • Jumping off castle walls into the ocean in Dubrovnik







Italy and South France

From Croatia we caught a ferry to Italy, we spent around 3 weeks here, mostly busing around visiting the must see locations with Hannah. We entered proper tourist mode again and enjoyed the food and wine of Italy. After Italy we travelled to southern France enjoying the summer along the coast. Hannah left me here after 5months of travelling together and returned home to Australia for university. This was the end of my travels with Hannah…

traveling without flying italy france football nice ischa island

Favourite Memories:

  • Drinking beers in Naples during a performance put on by the Mayor to win everyone’s votes
  • Italian Food
  • Swimming in warm volcanic ocean springs with the most italian person stereotype I’ve ever met
  • Camping in an abandoned hotel on the Island of Ischa
  • Touristing the shit out of Rome with the best Selfie Stick skills
  • Cheap wines in Venice
  • Seriously almost fucking dying searching for a place to camp on the Cinque terra trail
  • Anarchy in the streets of Nice after the France Euro Cup final win against Germany










9th Leg: Europe – Second half of 2016

So far this has been the hardest leg, dealing with a lot of cross roads which almost seen me fly home. I was dealing with the fact my funds had gotten bloody low, I had already been living on the cheap but it was at this point that I realised I would need to structure a plan to get somewhere to eventually make some money or cut the trip in two and fly home to work. Thankfully I didn’t give up and once I made it to the UK it all fell into place again almost like it was meant to be…

France, Spain, Portugal,

I spent some time on a Vegan Surf Camp (I’m no vegan) with a mate who was volunteering there (my German mate I visited in Switzerland). I then headed to Spain and joined by a friend from University we walked/hiked for two weeks down the west coast of Spain into Portugal. When my mate left me in Portugal I began slowly hitchhiking by myself back to Normandy, France.

spain hiking travel adventure lost aussies


 Favourite Memories:
  • Catching up with an old mate and walking ~200 km from Spain into Portugal
  • Camping a night under the stairs on a look out over the Spain/Portugal border
  • Hitchhiking solo from Portugal to North France and the arriving at the squat for the first time



France, Belgium, Netherlands

In Normandy, France I spent a 2+ months on an abandoned farm living by myself in a caravan. From here I traveled to the Netherlands a couple times, to celebrate my 3rd birthday away (29) and to apply for a working visa to dodge yet again another over stayed Schengen Visa.

france abandoned house caravan lost aussie

 Favourite Memories:
  • A big weekend for my 29th birthday in Amsterdam
  • Being found by some pissed off fox hunters. It was fucking intimidating having a guy standing with a shotgun mouthing off to me in French…
  • Having two friends visit me at different stages and staying for a few days.







The U.K.

Once I was approved for my Netherlands visa I crossed the border to the UK, I originally didn’t plan on staying long as I was going to head down to the Canary Islands to look for a boat to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. But as luck would have it I found a boat still in the UK preparing to cross. This was ‘The Longest Swim’ project, the day after Christmas in 2016 we sailed from Lymington and started a 3 month journey to the United States.


10th Leg – Sailing from the UK to the United States

Sailing for 3 months on a 67 ft challenger boat, built to race around the world, my little sailing skills really had to evolve. Sailing around 10,000 nautical miles across my first Ocean, through the Caribbean and Panama Canal. Then up the west coast of Mexico and finally arriving in San Diego, USA.

Canary Islands across to Antigua in the Caribbean

It took 12 days to get to the canary islands, at that stage that was my longest crossing but after a few days in the Canaries, we began the sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Sailing down towards Cape Verde before heading west to Antigua, it took 17 days before we were on land again.

sailing lost aussie storm

  • Glow in the dark dolphins on one of the first nights out of Lymington
  • Bringing in New Years off the coast of Portugal as we prepared to sail through a storm. Spewing my guts up as a result
  • Sailing across my first ocean, making the whole way almost flying the spinniker
  • Getting drunk with the super yachties, exploring the ghetto with locals and drunk golf cart riding in Antigua


Panama, Mexico, United States

Sailing through the Caribbean sea for 7 days to arrive in Panama. Then 10 days in Panama to get my US visa (which I had already been denied once in the UK). Then we went through the Canal, bashed our way up the coast of Mexico to San Diego,US.

overtaking sailing atlantic ocean lost aussie

  • Crossing though the Panama Canal
  • More glow in the dark dolphins
  • So many bloody dolphins, birds on turtles, whales, fur seals, albatrosses. SO much wild life
  • Sneaking in and sleeping on a rooftop apartments balcony in Mexico.
  • Ripping the mainsail of S/Y Discoverer like a true racer

































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