Lost Aussie swimming the Pacific Ocean

When it came time to announce to the internet my involvement in The Longest Swim I did it the best way I knew how, by photoshopping my head onto Ben’s body and claiming I was actually going to be the one who would be swimming the Pacific Ocean.

photoshop lost aussie ty

As always I got a little bit carried away, adding graphics to the photo and making it look way more serious then it probably ever should have been. I then shared it on my facebook page, went to the pub, drunk a few beers and forgot about it…

ty lost aussie longest swim across pacific ocean stats

…and it kinda blew up. I expected to be trolled and for people to call me out on the outrageous claim straight away. I even linked The Longest Swim website and facebook page in my description hoping people would follow up on it, realise I am definitely not the one swimming the pacific and learn about the project at the same time.

But instead of being trolled like I deserved, people frothed on the idea, commenting and sharing the photo. Inboxing me about the project, giving me encouragement, wishing me all the best and a few asking to be involved. Even a couple of journalists from back home in Australia contacted me about it. Whoopsy.

I didn’t really know how to respond to such positivity, I had prepared myself to be shut down and laughed at. I could handle that.

Soooo we made this video…

So to sum up. The swim is real. I am not swimming the pacific. Ben Lecomte is the swimmer. I am just support crew.

Sorry supportive friends and randoms of the internet for the confusion and deception. I hope we can still be friends.

To learn more about the project go to The Longest Swim. It really is a massive and awesome project that I am very lucky and stoked to be involved in. Even just as support crew – not the swimmer…






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