Kathy Dal in Laos – Episode 9

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Episode 9 – Kong Lor Village – ?

Kong Lor Cave

Along the Thakhek Loop one of the main attractions to stop and visit is Kong Lor Cave situated near the town of Ban Nahin. It’s a slight detour to get to, being a one road in and one road out kind of deal but definitely worth it. The cave is an amazing 7 km long limestone tunnel formed by the Hinboun River that you can even take a boat ride right through and out the other side.

kong lor cave

kong lor cave

kong lor cave boat trip

Equalling interesting to the cave is the surrounding villages and farm land. The whole area is surrounded by a stunning jagged limestone ridge that circles around the village and closes it in, providing a pretty unique backdrop to the traditional farm houses and crops.  We spent a great deal of our time that day just wondering around looking at stuff…

kong lor village laos


kathy dal laos kong lor rice paddy

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