Driving 2,300km to see a big rock

At 5:15pm on a Thursday in late-April a message popped up on Facebook, it read “I saw your bucket list, let’s do the walk around Uluru before I go [back] to Sweden!” Now I haven’t seen much of Australia, I mean as a child we went on a couple family holidays up through Queensland, and I’ve been to Sydney a couple times but that’s about it. I put the Uluru base walk on my Bucket List thinking I’ll get around to it when I was 40 years old but suddenly an opportunity arose.

We started to look at flights and accommodation, thinking if we fly there, spend a couple days and fly back then that should be enough. Turns out accommodation is expensive, and we are university students, so the cheaper option is ideal. We then had the idea of bringing a tent with us so we can camp, but how much of a hassle will it be to bring a tent on the plane? I then proposed an idea, why don’t we hire a van, grab a couple mates, and drive there?

It sounded great on paper, we could sleep in the van which would save on accommodation, we would have more freedom, we can cook our meals in the van, we would see more of Australia and we would have a classic road-trip across Australia!

Coober Pedy

A few weeks passed and we looked at camper prices, and I was getting excited at the prospect. I wasn’t overly keen for the initial idea of flying, but how could anyone say no to a 10-day road-trip?! After crunching some figures we decided we had to do this trip.

We only had a small window between finishing university for the semester and when Josephine had to fly back to Sweden, but it was enough time. We began our search for two more willing participants and managed to recruit Josephine’s housemate. A fourth person could not be found due to university timetables but by this point we were fully committed and forged ahead with a spare seat.

On an early Saturday morning we grabbed an Uber to the rental place, hopped in our camper-van and drove in the direction of Uluru. I could keep writing but I’d much rather show you what we did. Now you have the backstory, watch the video below of the trip.

The trip was surreal, that feeling of driving through the outback with nothing around you, no stress of looming assignments, no “I need to sort my life out” thoughts, it felt completely still. If you asked me in late-April 2016 if I wanted to go on a 10-day road-trip I probably would have said yes, but unlikely I would have followed through with it. Japan really opened the door to actively pursue adventure, instead of making it a New Year resolution and just talking about it for the past 10 years.

Lake Hart
Outside of Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park
Kata Tjuta
Kings Canyon

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