What is Lost Aussies?

Short answer…

It’s a travel blog. No surprises there.

Mostly sharing the exploits of me (Ty – aka ‘lost aussie’) and my around the world overland journey – No Air To Everywhere. Stories generally revolve around things I guess considered ‘adventurous travel’. I would prefer to call them simply mishaps, triumphs and humorous tales from the road.

Sometimes I am joined by friends and family, and I often rope them into sharing their experiences as well. Plus I have met some really interesting people on the road, people doing some really cool stuff, which I hope to have them contribute as well very soon.

If you are somebody reading this with an interesting journey and story of your own and fancy getting involved, shoot me an email (you don’t have to be Aussie).

what is lost aussies travel adventure blog

Longer Answer…

Way back in the beginning, this ‘No Air To Everywhere’ trip was actually going to be a TWO man world adventure, everything being planned together with my good mate Luke who I had meet whilst travelling Australia in my camper van. It started as a pipe dream that grew and grew, slowly rising from the hazy hangover of a few two many nights boozing it up in Broome and Darwin together {Read more here}. Even once the drunken seed of overland world travel domination had embedded itself in our dreamy naive little brains, it took a couple more years before it blossomed into a full blown actual conceivable reality.

My trip around Australia took longer then I first ever anticipated, the sunny paradise of Broome had lured me in hard and wouldn’t let me go like a Banana B52 (cool fishing reference), the casual relaxed lifestyle and the awesome people I met there made it hard to move on. Without Luke putting the foot down a bit I might still be there, he gave me the necessary friendly reminder to hurry the fuck up and finish my trip around Oz so we could begin the preparations for the world adventure [cheers mate].

After finally making it to Perth, Luke joined me again and we were full swing into savings and planning mode. Finding jobs together on a farm two hours out of Perth, working as many hours as we could, spending as little as we could. When that seasonal work dried up we moved onto the next, moving where ever the most attractive job was we could find suiting our experience. I stuck mostly to labour and farm work while Luke worked majority of the time in hospitality (those first 7 monotonous weeks on the farm outside of Perth picking rocks were enough for Luke). By the time we had raised what we thought was enough coin and finally found a skipper brave enough to take us on as crew on their yacht and sail us out of the country, almost 18 months had passed and we had both worked a combined total of over ten different jobs. Luke in particular had lived literally in all four corners of Australia (if it is possible for Australia to have corners?) working in Broome, Perth, Geelong and Cairns.

During this period we often found ourselves wondering what the bloody hell we were doing, rightfully feeling a bit lost at times as we moved around the country. While our friends were building careers, getting married and having kids, we were jumping from job to job looking like a right pair of hopeless lost individuals incapable of holding down anything stable in our lives. So when it came time to think of some catchy lame blog name for ourselves nothing felt more right then the word lost and hence Lost Aussies was born. Not just for the hopelessness of us but also because we were proud of that ‘lost’ attribute, we weren’t sure exactly where we would end up or why exactly we were doing it. We were just happy knowing we would soon be a couple of lost aussies out there exploring the world…

But as fate would have it, I ended up on this overland adventure alone {Read the story why here}. Still a lot of credit has to be given to Luke for starting the wheels rolling in the right direction and turning it into more then just a “wouldn’t it be cool to…” drunk conversation. For that I’ll forever be grateful of the big fella. At the time of his abrupt departure I was still hopeful I would see him again, that he would join me in Asia and we would carry on as planned. So the domain of this blog page remained plural. He never did make it back though, instead he had is own interesting two years (he got married in fucking Vegas!).

The ‘No Air To Everywhere’ mission might have become my own but I’m still never truly alone, at random times throughout my journey I have been joined by various friends for different lengths of time. Each trip has been unique from the other and as much as I’ve grown to really love the freedom of a solo traveller, I really do enjoy it more when I have friends with me to share it with, after all “happiness is only real when shared”.

If you want to join the lost family click here and get in contact.


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