Abandoned Lizard island – North East coast of Queensland, Australia

Lizard Island was a second stop up the east coast of Australia when we first began our sailing trip. A recent cyclone had passed through and partially destroyed the the only resort on the island. It had been closed and mostly evacuated as a result, meaning besides a few clean a crew the island was essentially left empty and abandoned. We explored everywhere tracks took us and when the tracks ran out we bush bashed ourselves new tracks.

We managed a bit of snorkelling, the coral was a little bit destroyed from the cyclone but the fish life was still pretty abundant.

These was the happy times with Luke on board, it was after we left here everything started to go down hill…



customs boat lizard island
On the way there we had customs sneak up on us out of no where. radioing in wanting to know what we were up to
the remains of the resort
our boat anchored right off the shore of the resort
we explored the resort and the remains of the place, this was the moment we realised we werent alone on the island. And the moment that lady also realised she was not alone haha. she wasn’t happy with us poking around
she went and put this sign up on the beach after telling us to bugger off haha. not impressed


view from the highest point on the island

aus_lizardisland_lukety aus_lizardisland_sea



ambitious and naive. Of course it didn’t remain this way “luke and ty”.

After we left the Island everything started to go down hill a bit with Luke and the Skipper which ultimately meant the “no air to everywhere” trip become my solo mission.

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