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sailing england uk to america usa lost aussie the longest swim

Sailing from the UK to the USA

Around 15,000nm and another 200 days of random adventures to finally make it to the Americas. Some photos and a brief summary of the journey that took me from one side of the world to the other…

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No Air To Everywhere

Traveling the world without flying

This is the massive overland journey that lead to the creation of this website. Having never sailed before, I (Ty - Lost Aussie) hitched a ride on a sail boat out of Australia in 2014. With the goal to eventually complete an entire lap without ever flying, (still not finished). Buses, trains, ferries, motorbikes, pushbikes, hitchhiking... pretty much anything and everything EXCEPT airplanes.


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Coming Soon(ish)

No Air To Everywhere - YouTube Series

All the adventures and misadventures from this ongoing (3+ years) overland journey around the world without flying have been recorded. The slow editing phase has begun and soon it will be released in weekly episodes on YouTube.

Everything from sailing through Indonesia, riding a motorbike through Vietnam, taking the Trans Siberian railway through Mongolia/Russia, Hitchhiking Europe, to Sailing 15,000 nm across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans has been recorded… with plenty more adventures still to happen!

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You learn a thing or two getting lost

overland travel bulgaria hitchhiking

Why overland travel is the best

Although there is something exciting about boarding a plane, watching hours worth of free movies, having a terrible upright sleep and waking up a few hours later in a completely foreign country, ditching air travel altogether opens up so many more opportunities.

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albania travel sunset

Visit Albania Before Everybody Else Does

Albania, easily one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. Mountain ranges so breath takingly beautiful, covered in greenery and rolling down right to the cliff of the ocean, the brightest shade of turquoise, the clearest water I have ever seen.

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Who are the lost aussies?

My name is Ty aka lost aussie and I've been living the drifters life since 2010. Together with my partner Hannah and occasionally some adventurous friends, we use this space to share all our stories, videos and advice from random worldly adventures.

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